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Name: Gerwin Janssen
Nationality: Dutch
Studying: International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics


All Board Positions

IT Officer & Secretary
Marketing Officer
Project Manager General
Project Manager Career
Commercial Officer


About Gerwin

Hi all! My name is Gerwin Janssen. After living in Tiel for 18 years I moved to Rotterdam. Here I studied IBEB at the Erasmus School of Economics and went on exchange to Sydney in my third bachelor year. During my first three years in Rotterdam I've spend a lot of time at the rowing association Skadi with rowing, coaching and committee work. I was part of the Rottebokaal Committee two years in a row and together we organized the Rottebokaal in which more than 2000 rowers participated. After my bachelor it was time for a new challenge so I applied at the EFR. I'm really looking forward to make this a fantastic year together!

About the position of Treasurer 

As a treasurer of the EFR, you focus not only on the accounting side as some might think, but you are also very involved in strategic decisions. Your ultimate goal is to make every spent euro deliver the intended benefit to the EFR. This can be quite a challenge at times!

In the first 2 months, you spend a lot of time making your own budget for the rest of the year. During this period, you are guided by your predecessors, who have enough experience to give you some good advice. For example, your budget has to stroke with the long term goals of the EFR. Despite all this advice, it is you and your fellow Board members who get the responsibility to decide what the budget will look like. 

During the year, you will have to adjust your initial budget to all unexpected changes you get. To get the most up-to-date information, you will have to stay in close contact with your Board members, but also with all the committees the EFR has. 

Next to your strategic tasks, you have several operational tasks. Moreover, you take care of the financial administration, vouch for timely payment of debtors, supervise the correctness of incoming and outgoing invoices and make sure this is all in compliance with the financial legislation. You also immediately get a supervising task, because you are a member of the auditing committee of the Erasmus Recruitment Days and keep contact with the treasurers of all other committees. Due to the varied tasks and guidance by your predecessors, it is a perfect way to develop yourself! 


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