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Bachelor Guides

General information Bachelor Guides
The Bachelor Guides provide you with al neccessary information about your studies. There will be Bachelor Guides for all three bachelor years. The Bachelor Guides are produced by the EFR in cooperation with the ESE.

You can find the Bachelor 1 Guide here.

You can find the Bachelor 2 Guide here.

You can find the Bachelor 3 Guide here

Bachelor Guides

Errata Bachelor 3 Guide

Dear students,

Due to some unfortunate mistakes in designing the guide there are a couple of errors in the Bachelor 3 Guide. Please check the following errata carefully:

-         Page 23: In the scheme of the Major Urban, Port & Transport Economics the last two courses: ‘Werkcollege Economie en beleid' and ‘Seminar of the Public Sector' do not belong to this major. This means the only way to complete this major is choosing the seminar ‘Regional and Transport Economics

-         Page 26: The scheme for preparation for RA or RC is
not completely correct. If you want to follow this directions please check the correct scheme through the following link:

-          Page 28: The room number of the Study Advisors is incorrect. It is stated as H14.01, however this should be H6-02

We apologise for any inconvenience these errors may have caused!

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