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EFR Summaries

EFR Summaries

In the EFR’s pursuit off supporting students in their needs and wishes, the EFR is always looking for new opportunities. This year we will be launching a new project: EFR Summaries.

 We will be offering high quality, weekly lecture summaries. To make these summaries stand out from all the other summary providing services, we will pursue a high quality standard and still make them freely accessible to all our members. 

They are published weekly, which makes it easier for students to stay up to date during the block. To take a look at the summaries, please follow this link

Our Writers 

Writers are key to the quality of the summaries. Therefore, we are cooperating with excellent ESE students that show great motivation and results. The summaries for the Accounting course are even written by ESE Bachelor Honours Class students, which means they belong to the top 10% of the year. 

Are you looking for a challinging and serious sidejob and do you have a gross average of an 8.0 or higher? Or do you have any questions?

 Please send an email to:  

Become a writer!

We are looking for writersWriters are key to the quality of the summaries. To secure the standard of these summaries, we are searching for excellent and highly motivated students that are ambitious to write a top level summary that will be available to all EFR’s members (6000+). 

While we will provide the summaries for free, you will not be writing for free. Of course, you will receive a generous compensation for your work. A big advantage of writing summaries, is that you will actually be studying and earning money at the same time. Also, you will be making sure that your fellow students have access to the best summaries! 

Are you looking for a challenging and serious side job and do you have a gross average of an 7.5 or higher? Or do you have any questions? 

Do not hesitate to send an email to  

 We are looking for the following positions:

  • First writer

As a first writer, you will be writing the summaries of the lecture. It challenges you to find the balance between including all necessary information and not making the summaries too long. By practicing coherent and concise writing, you will be preparing yourself for the rest of your bachelor and master. 

Workload: 5 hours per week

  • Second writer

As a second writer, you are proofreading and editing the work of the first writer. You will be the safeguard of the quality of the summary. Are you a critical and precise student with attention for detail? This would be the perfect job for you! 

Workload: 2-3 hours per week


Published Summaries

Currently published summaries are: 

-  Accounting IBEB 2016-2017

-  Applied Micro-economics IBEB 2016-2017

-  Macroeconomics IBEB 2016-2017

You can find these summaries here

Upcoming summaries for next block are:

- Introduction into behavioural economics 2016-2017

- Marketing 2016-2017

We are still looking for writers for next block!  

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