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Rights for Students

Trouble on the job? Is your boss trying to cut your hard-earned pay? Are you being fired without any notice? There’s something you can do!

Most students work or do internships during their time studying. We all know textbooks and tuition are quite expensive. Unfortunately, rent and beer aren’t getting any cheaper anytime soon either. All the more troublesome when you get into a conflict with your employer. A lot of students don’t really know their rights and obligations in situations like this. Most students don’t even realize they have a certain legal status as working students. That’s why the Economic Faculty Rotterdam and the Trade Union De Unie formed a partnership. We at De Unie want to inform you of your legal status, so when you get into a conflict with your employer, you know where you stand.

You can contact us for any questions with regard to your employment agreement, part-time job, collective labor agreement or internship contracts. Let us know what’s going on. We can help you. Read through some of our FAQ’s, so you get an idea of what we can help you with.

For more information about Trade Union De Unie, be sure to check out our website ( )

If you have any questions, call our legal counselor Ina on 06 – 52 52 20 90. Do you have an urgent legal problem in the middle of a lecture (you never know), or you just don’t feel like calling? Ina can answer any question you might have via WhatsApp as well! 

Combining school and work FAQ’s:

1.     What happens when I’m scheduled for a shift and my employer calls me, saying that I don’t have to come to work?
When your employer schedules you and the employer says you don’t have to come, you still have a right to continued pay. But there are exceptions. If your employer made different agreements about this matter in your contract, or your collective labor agreement says otherwise, different rules apply. It’s worth checking your contract, or which collective labor agreement you fall under!

2.     I’m only scheduled to work for 1 hour. Do I get 1 hour pay?

For every shift that you are scheduled, your employer is legally obligated to schedule you for at least 3 hours. So even if you work only 1 hour, you get 3 hours pay. Talking about a good deal!

3.     I have a fixed-term contract with a probation. Is these even allowed anymore?

Starting January 2015, probation is only allowed on fixed-term contracts longer than 6 months.

4.     My employer lets me know that my fixed-term contract isn’t extended, and I don’t have to come back to work anymore. Can he just kick me to the curb like this?

If you have a contract lasting over 6 months, your employer is legally obligated to give you a 1 month written notice, stating whether or not your contract is being extended.If your employer doesn’t inform you, the employer has to pay you a month extra wage!.

5.     I just got offered a new contract, but I’m not sure about its contents. Can you check it out for me?

You bet we can!

6.     I think my employer is underpaying me. And we all know how expensive study books are. Can you guys help me?

Yes of course! We can check whether your pay is correct, according to laws and regulations and the amount of hours you worked. 

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