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Skills Week

  *We are sorry to inform you that this edition off the skillsweek is full, you can join the skillsweek in the next academic year!*

The EFR Skills Week offers you the opportunity to develop your soft skills and earn 1 ECTS at the same time. Join the Skills Week and receive trainings from the companies that you want to work for! 

We organise this event for the second time this year, unfortunately this time it's only for Dutch speaking students. The skillsweek will take place from the 8th till the 15th of May.   

It's important that you subscribe via this site, if you are selected you can subscribe via Sin-Online. A subscription via Sin-Online doesn't mean that you have applied for the skillsweek. 


The EFR Skills Week offers you the chance to develop your soft skills and earn one ECTS*. Through a wide variety of trainings you will develop practical skills that will prepare you for the labour market. Not only will you have a little advantage during your job applications, you will also get an official ESE soft skills certificate and you might meet your future employer.

In the period from May 8 to May 15, 7 different two hour trainings will be held. We will unfortunately only host a Dutch skills week this time. At the last day, we will look back at what we have learned and will close off with a drink.

To earn the 1 ECTS it is mandatory to be present at all sessions.

Application is possible till the 1st of May and selection will be based on first come first served. 


*Only students that follow a bachelor at the ESE will be able to earn an ECTS. Master students and students from other assocations are not able to earn this ECTS. 


The Trainings will be hosted by the following companies: Young Advisory Group, EY, Young Colfield, Turing Society, Anton Gathier (Rijksoverheid), GMAT Amsterdam and Careerstarter. 

Young Advisory Group

In many interviews for jobs and/or internships related to consulting and advisory, you may be asked to solve or explain your way of thinking through a small consultancy case. Young Advisory Group will prepare you for just that by having a case training with you to prepare you for such an interview situation. Additionally to this, they will show you how to improve on your personal leadership and how to achieve higher levels of personal effectivity.


An interactive workshop provided by two recruiters of EY which will give you tips and tricks that you can use during an interview. You will get answers to questions like: how do I prepare myself? What kind of question can I except? Finally, they will provide you with feedback on your CV. After this workshop you are ready to apply for a job.

Young Colfield

Often people come up with wonderful ideas, which are most of the time forgotten again when people go on with the rest of their day. Or sometimes there is even a lack of inspiration when trying to come up with an idea. This leaves a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, Young Colfield has developed a training on effective brainstorming. During this training, you will be working on a case using a variety of brainstorm methods.

Turing Society 

Whether it is just reading emails or using complex computer programs to assist in the workplace, most of the world’s economy is relying on the use of computers. This makes it an essential trait for any applicant to be able to use a computer and know his or her way around the machine and the software used. Turing Society will show you how much know-how in computer sciences can help you in today’s labour market. After showing you why, they will show you how, by introducing you to the basics of coding in a short tutorial style class. 

Please bring your laptop to this training! (If you do not have a laptop, please let us know.)

Anton Gathier (Rijksoverheid)

Networking is a necessity to survive in a modern world where everyone knows everybody, or so it seems. Networking successfully is not an easy task and not a natural gift to everybody. The ‘elevator pitch’ as an integrated part of networking is the possibility to quickly and simply present your unique selling points. Be prepared for questions like: ‘what do you do’, ‘what do you want’ and ‘what are your strengths’, no matter how, when of where they are asked.

Networking and an Elevator Pitch difficult? Yes indeed, but you can prepare yourself.

So: That’s why Anton Gathier from the ‘Rijksoverheid’ gives you this short practical training with tips to present yourself in the most successful way, with the emphasis on how to deal with your network, make and practice an elevator pitch and top tip for your interview. 

GMAT Amsterdam

Many master programs in the Netherlands and abroad incorporate a GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) in their application process. GMAT Amsterdam offers trainings to prepare yourself for this exam. During their training they will explain what GMAT is and why it is used by many universities worldwide. It will give you a broad overview of the skills needed for your exam and of course they will take the time to answer all your questions. 


Careerstarter focusses on students that are willing to start with a traineeship or a graduate positions at a leading organization. The application procedure of these jobs often consists of an e-assessment. Therefore, Careerstarter has developed a training that helps you to learn the most important elements of the e-assessments (logical, verbal and numerical reasoning). Upon completion of this training, you are not only familiar with the questions but also perfectly able to apply the right strategies to each component to achieve maximal results. 


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