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Workload: Part Time (2 hrs/week)
Duration: July - June

Open to: Bachelor 1/2/3
Language: EN/NL

Recruitment starts: May
Deadline: 2016-06-11

Supervisor: Project Manager General

Want to join this committee?

Send your C.V. and a short motivation to

It'd help if you could put the committee(s) you are interested in joining in the subject line!

Why do we ask for a C.V?

Don't worry! Your C.V. is not so important yet as it will be in a few years!

Right now the C.V. is a good way for us to keep track of the people applying for our committees. It's also handy for taking notes on during the interview!

Some committees (specifically the full-time committees) do require some experience. But don't fret if your C.V. doesn't look too great yet! In fact, EFR is there to help you fix that!



High Five

EFR High Five

Do you want to be in the heart of the EFR family and organise activities for all Committee Members throughout the whole year? Then the High Five is the committee to apply for! The Committee Members Weekend, the Committee Members Prom and the End of the Year Activity are some of the events you will successfully organise. In addition there is room for any activity that will bring the active members of the EFR together! Together with your committee, you will arrange the entire event from location to programme, from transport to catering.

We are looking for EFR-minded, motivated and enthusiastic students that are in for a party! Do you want to be that social animal who keeps the EFR Committee Members base together? Can you make sure all Committee Members will attend your events?

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