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What: Research project in cooperation with a NGO

April/May/June: desk research in the Netherlands

July/August: field research.







EFR - Involve

EFR - Involve


This year, the Involve Committee is cooperating with Healthy Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve access to reliable and affordable health products and services in developing countries. 

The Involve Research Project will focus on the product basket that Healthy Entrepreneurs offers. HE's sales data show us that curative products such as acute malaria medicine and oral rehydration salts sell best, while preventive goods sell much less. The organisation is trying to improve health in the communities by shifting the product sales to preventive goods.

The research team will perform desk research starting in April, followed by three weeks of field research on site in Uganda. The research will be done in small teams. After the research period the team will finalize the report and present it to Healthy Entrepreneurs in September. The preliminary research will take approximately 10 hours a week. 

Currently, the Involve Committee is looking for ambitious third year bachelor and master students to be part of the Involve team. Students from all backgrounds can apply for the project. The Involve Committee is looking for a diverse team of researchers to make sure that different point of views are used to solve the problem. 

As a team member you will get the opportunity to improve your research, writing, and other skills by trainings which will be offered to the team. Furthermore you will be joining the whole Involve team to Uganda this summer to do field research. 

If you have any questions about EFR Involve, do not hesitate to email to The application deadline is on the 28th of February and the interviews will take place in week 10. On Friday the 10th of March, you will hear if you are selected. 

We hope you are as enthusiastic as the Involve Committee! 

Apply now via the tab 'Apply'!

Application deadline: 28th of February
Exact dates of the field research: 25th of July to the 16th of August
Price: EFR members €899,- 
non EFR members €909,-

About us


We are the Involve Committee 2017 and we are excited to do the research project with you. This year, we are cooperating with Healthy Entrepreneurs and are really looking forward to conduct the field research in Uganda, where one of their biggest markets is. We are seven committee members…

Milou is our chairwoman and she is a third year Econometrics student who loves to run. So, if you try to run away, she will catch you.

Saskia is our secretary, who is responsible for marketing issues,  constant supply of wine and the contact with our participants.

Stijn is our treasurer and makes sure that we will not run out of money before the trip actually happens. 

Jorien is one of our Research Project Managers, and she is the mother of Involve committee, not only she makes sure that the research is completed in the most efficient way, she always looks after you, so don’t mess with her.  

Sebastiaan is together with Jorien, the Project Manager Research. He will make sure the research is finished on time; one of his many goals for this research is to see gorillas, so let’s help him out with this. 

Giulia is the youngest member of Involve, she is one of the Project Manager’s’ Trip. She is a very persistent individual, who will go an extra mile to complete her work, so don’t mess with her too. 

Yulia is our other Project Manager Trip. She looks very cute, but do not underestimate this woman because she will make sure she gets it the way she wants it. 

We hope to meet you soon! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on

Kinds regards,

The Involve Committee


Previous Projects

The EFR-Involve committee has successfully organized five projects to date. In order for you to better understand how our work can be relevant to your organization, here is a brief outline of the previous EFR-Involve ventures.

The Involve Committee's mission has always been focused on providing sustainable aid to those most in need. This goal is reflected in the primary research question of the first Involve project in 2012: "can we set up a long lasting initiative that provides people at ‘the Bottom of the Pyramid' with clean drinking water?" A feasibility study was performed on whether it was realistic for a Dutch NGO to pursue projects to provide clean drinking water in Cameroon.

The subsequent year, the Involve Committee sought to increase the scope of the project, aiming to become engaged in additional sustainability projects as well as performing research on the supply of clean water. Similarly to the previous endeavour, the 2013 EFR-Involve team performed a feasibility study for a Dutch NGO, however with a greater focus on the financial sustainability of projects in new markets. The 2013 research investigated the possibility of commencing ventures regarding sustainable energy and clean water in the Ghanaian market and presented a complete and integrated strategy for market-access in Ghana to the interested parties.

In the third year, the Involve team performed extensive research on youth unemployment in Uganda and investigated the possibility of improvements in the educational system. The Involve team divided itself into three subgroups, each performing different research regarding their main topic of interest. The ‘Institutions group' of the Involve team was responsible for investigating the role of institutions in youth unemployment and, together with the support of NGOs, Ugandan professors and the Ugandan Minister of Agriculture, possible solutions were devised. The ‘Agriculture group' performed a case study, analysing the work of a specific, young entrepreneur, providing him with relevant advice on how to set up a food processing plant that could ultimately support local farmers by stabilizing the supply of agricultural produce and decreasing price volatility. Finally the ‘Business group' provided detailed advice for young entrepreneurs and farmers on starting a business in Uganda, maintaining a focus on sustainability and aiming to maximize the benefit for the community as a whole.

In its fourth year, the Involve team performed research to tackle the increasingly problematic human-wildlife conflict in the Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya, in cooperation with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Once again the Involve team divided itself into three subgroups. The wildlife group did research on preventive and reactive solutions to imminent problems such as crop raiding and livestock predation. The education group focused on finding solutions to improve the education rate and to create awareness about the importance of education in the area. The last group, responsible for research on Ecotourism, aimed to see how the value of the ecosystem could be harnessed through tourism, while minimizing the damage to the environment.

Most recently, the Involve Team performed research for the Justdiggit Project of the Naga foundation in Tanzania. The team of 20 students executed a stakeholder analysis which looked at the effects of the Justdiggit project on the local communities. The Justdiggit project aims to cool down the planet by digging strategically located holes, which besides from Re-Greening the planet at a global level, also turned out to have trickle down effects for the local people.

The EFR-Involve team is now in its sixth year of existence, and after four increasingly successful projects, the current Involve committee aims to continue this positive trend and organize a project with a strong, visible impact on the targeted communities with a focus on sustainability and direct relevance to on-going problems.



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