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EFR Business Week Committee

An event where you have all the freedom to implement your ideas. Where you are constantly working towards improving the event and making it unique.

The EFR Business Week is a project that gives the committee the means to create an event that support their views. You will work eight months fulltime to make this event a success! What would you like to improve or change?

So do you have what it takes? Do you like to brainstorm a lot? Are you creative and have many groundbreaking ideas which you would like to implement? Do you like to work together with a team of extremely enthusiastic people towards one common goal? What would you like to add this year?  

As you can see the EFR Business Week is an extremely dynamic event which will need people to organise this with the same mindset.

The EFR Business Week committee consists out of 6 persons. They work together to make the EFR Business Week a success. They start in September and are ready one week after the last day of the EFR-Business Week in the beginning of April.

Would you like to know more? Make an appointment with Babette den Daas by sending an email to or drop by at our office HB-108.

As chairman of the EFR Business Week you are the leader, inspirator and motivator of the team. You are the one that will keep the team together. Because you have the best overview over the whole event, you will be the treasurer of the committee as well. You will stay in touch with the treasurer of the EFR-Board and make sure the budget is sound.  This means you have to be a strong leader, be responsible and be a good communicator?Can you lead the most important committee of the EFR?

Commissioner World of Business 
You will be responsible for the content and the execution of the biggest student conference of Europe. During the year you will meet extraordinary people that will change your vision on the world completely. While doing this you will convince speakers and organisations to join you in your mission to inspire and motivate your fellow students and offer them a totally new experience. Therefore you need to have bold networking skills, pragmatic creativity and broad interests and capacities. Are you that person? 

Commissioner Conference Platform 
As the Commissioner Conference Platform you are responsible for the most interactive day within the EFR Business Week. The strength of the Conference Platform lays in its intimacy, characterised by its personal setting and contact. At the Conference Platform students are given the opportunity to face some of the most powerful business-people, influential politicians and innovative entrepreneurs of today. In order to make this day happen you need to be up to date on the latest news and trends, enthusiastic, flexible and precise. Do you want to enrich students’ lives?

Commissioner Commercial Events (2x) 
As Commissioner of Commercial Events, you are responsible for the commercial aspects of the week. You will organise the career events, such as the Inhouse Days, the Company Dinner and Bootcamp. As Commissioner of Commercial Events, you are challenged to think of at least one new event to help students find their future employers. Both commissioners will have contact with many different companies, take a look behind the scenes and engage in negotiations to ensure that there is enough income to organise all the events. The better you perform, the more awesome and prestigious your events can be! Therefore you must have good social, negotiation and persuasion skills. Can you meet the target? 

Commissioner of Marketing 
As the Commissioner of Marketing you will develop the marketing strategy of the EFR Business Week. This means you have a broad package of responsibilities. A structured way of working will help you keeping track of all of them. However, creativity is the asset you must have to think of cool marketing stunts and ways to baffle students in order to let them subscribe for the EFR Business Week. Besides this, planning, clear deadlines and good communication will help you to make the event a success. Can you be creative, arrange deals and be structured at the same time? Are you the ultimate salesperson? 

Would you like to know more? Make an appointment with Cyriel Hakkers by sending an email to or drop by at our office HB-108.


Interested or just curious?

Send an email or call Cyriel Hakkers. He is always there to answer your questions related to your application.


Phone: 06 57 94 81 59

Go for a coffee

The decision to apply for a fulltime year is complicated. Therefore, we recommend you to get as much information as possible. Current and former fulltime committee members are always open to go for a coffee with you. You are always welcome to do this, it is not a weird thing to do – and... we all love coffee!

Informal Recruitment Drink

We will organize an informal recruitment drink. The place and date are still to be confirmed. 

Already made your choice?
Please send an email with your motivation letter and CV to 

Deadline: 11th of June

The past EFR Business Week was organized by 6 highly motivated, ambitious and creative people. They have had the time of their lifes and wish to share this with you! Do not hesitate to contact them for your questions on being in the EFR Business Week committee.

Chairman - Roxanne Karsten

Marketing Officer - Jake Mulder

Commissioner World of Business - Lotti Klasen

Commissioner Conference Platform - Juanita Raat

Commercial Offcier - Job Blankenspoor

Commercial Officer - Edsko Schuitema 

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