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EFR Presents: Ban Ki-moon


On Wednesday the 20th, we had the honor to grant Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), the World Leader Cycle Award. The award ceremony was followed by an interview session and the opportunity for students to address their own questions. 

Relive the ceremony with this aftermovie:


Since the 1990s, the EFR grants the World Leader Cycle Award to world leaders with outstanding accomplishments in the field of politics, economics and society. By assigning the award, the EFR recognizes world leaders who have made a true impact on the lives of people around the world on behalf of both students and the economic faculty. The award ceremony has proven to be a great source of inspiration to our aspiring student leaders. 

Mr. Ban Ki-moon is the incumbent Secretary-General of the United Nations. Within his appointment he has sought to be a true bridge-builder, to give voice to the world's most vulnerable people, and to succesfully address issues as sustainable development, gender equality and disarmament. Prior his two servings as Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon was in service as foreign minister of South Korea. Both in his assignment as Secretary-General, as in his preceding diplomatic efforts, he has accomplished a great deal of tangible results in the fields of peacekeeping, sustainablity and human rights. It is for these reasons the EFR regards Mr Ban Ki-moon to be a true world leader. 



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