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What is EFR?

EFR is the largest and most professional student association of the Netherlands. EFR organizes alot of interesting activities for all bachelor students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, specifically for ESE. These activities fall into one of three categories; namely social, academic, and career. These activities range from the introduction weekend for all first years, to social drinks, to the EFR-Business Week. In the past, we have had the honor of hosting world renowned leaders such as General David Patraeus, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jose Manuel Barroso, Gerhard Schroder, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Jan Peter Balkende, and many many more!

Furthermore, at the beginning of every block, EFR sells books for ALL bachelor 1 and 2 students, and a selection of books for Bachelor 3 students. These books are always the correct version, and are sold at absolute bottom prices! In otherwords, we have the cheapest books on campus!

What can EFR do for YOU?

Everyone can take part in events organised by EFR. However, members receive a discount for activities which charge a registration fee. Furthermore, only EFR members can buy books from efr. The booksale alone is (financial) reason enough to become a member. The EFR-Booksale can save you as much as 15% on books, which we know you can put to better use.

Furthermore, every student at the Erasmus University has the opportunity to become active in one of our 17 different committees.

How does the booksale work?

During the first one and a half weeks of the new block, EFR sells books for the lowest possible price. You can either come and buy them in the C-Hall or order them in our webshop to avoid queues. In order to buy our books, you must be a member of EFR.

How do I become a member of EFR?

Lifetime membership is yours for a (one time) fixed fee of €45. The membership can be bought in our webshop (, after logging in with your ERNA details. Should you have a problem with this procedure, you can always drop by our office in the C-Hall for assistance.

Whats the difference between members and active members?

Active members are active in one of the 17 committees at EFR. They organize all the events that EFR has to offer and also benefit from special trainings and social drinks organised exclusively for active members!

How do I become active at EFR?

EFR has two recruitment moments during the academic year. Our first moment is during May, and the second is in September. You can find an overview of the different committees and their recruitment periods at

Why should I become active at EFR?

First of all, being an active member of EFR and organising events is fun and interesting. You come into contact with alot of different (and new) people who you otherwise would probably not meet.

Second of all, committee experience can prove to be a very valuable experience and is also an invaluable addition to your cv! More often than not, companies are looking for graduates who have experience working in committees as it develops skills such as team work, communication, and organisation.

Where can I find EFR?

EFR is situated in the C-Hall (cb-03) at the Woudestein campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our office, often referred to as The Koepel or The Dome, can be recognized by the large EFR signs hanging in the vicinity. You can always check out our website ( or send us an email at

Do you pay for your guests and speakers?

Absolutely not. We have a strict policy against paying for speakers, and rely on our extensive network, professionalism, and impresive track record to attract people from all over the world to attend our events.

What is the EFR-Business Week?

The EFR-Business Week is one of the most professional and prestigious student organized conferences in Europe. Every year around April, the EFR-Business Week takes place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and other locations around the Netherlands and Europe. Organized by a committee of six students from EFR, the EFR-Business Week has proven to be the highlight of the year at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and continues to bring in the most prominent global citizens. The 27th edition of the EFR-Business Week will be held between the 30th of March and the 7th of April 2011.

What are the Erasmus Recruitment Days?

The Erasmus Recruitment Days is the largest on campus recruitment event in the Benelux. From February 3 - 16, more than 100 companies will visit the university, to get into contact with more than 1700 students. During this event, you can follow presentations, participate in workshops or have personal interviews with the recruiting companies. Next to that, you can get into contact with these companies in an informal way, by having a dinner, or a golf course. For info and subscription, check

The Erasmus Recruitment Days is an iniative of the Economic Faculty Association of the Erasmus School of Economics(EFR) and the study association STAR of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

How can EFR help me prepare for the future?

Aside from social and academic events, EFR organizes career related events which not only help you prepare for your future profession, but also brings you in contact with your future employer. These events include the Erasmus Recruitment Days, the Charity Game, and the EFR-Business Week.

What is the EFR-Training Center?

The EFR-Training Center will organize a lot of trainings each year, together with professional companies. During these trainings, you can broaden your skills and prepare yourself for your job search. Do you want to know how to write a CV, how to prepare for your job interview, or do you want to know how to use social media these days? Participate in a training from the EFR-Training Center. For upcoming trainings, check:

Can EFR make my (student) life easier?

Indeed we can! EFR not only makes student life more exciting by offerings opportunities to make student life more enjoyable, but we also offer our services on an academic level. As a member of EFR, you can take full advantage of our podcasts, exam database, and exam training! We offer all of these services through our website, after logging in.

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