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Part time recruitment 
Do you want to develop yourself and your cv besides your studies? Join a committee! More information 

New in Rotterdam 
Starting your studies next year? Come to the Introduction Weekend to get to know your fellow classmates! 


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Committee Members

The EFR offers all students at the Erasmus University the opportunity to develop themselves personally, professionally and academically.

One of the most exciting ways is by becoming active in one of our committees. Being part of a committee at EFR not only provides you with the platform to develop yourself, but it is also an extremely fun and exciting year. Furthermore, being active during your student life also looks good on your C.V.

Being a Committee Member at EFR is not only an educational experience, but also brings with it alot of great memories, and new friends! Previous experience is not a requirement to join one of our committees!

So, would you like to:

  • Meet fun new people?
  • Organise exciting events?
  • Have a fantastic year to remember?!

Then join the EFR and meet your ambition!

Check out the committees here. The next recruitment deadline is on January 13th 2016. 

Why join a committee during your study time?

Studying at the Erasmus University Rotterdam is very theoretical, this is a well-known fact. A lot of students wonder if there could be more to studying than just theory. When applying theory to practice, you are definitely learning something! Every year a large group of students decide to become an active member at the EFR (Economic Faculty association Rotterdam) to apply their theory and ideas in practice. As Committee Member you will not just participate in the activities of the EFR, but you will organise them yourself! Organizing the famous activities of the EFR is a lot of fun. Organising these activities does not interfere with your studies as you do our before or after your classes, according to your own schedule. In the process you will learn to work in a team as well as what it is like to be part of a large organization and you will meet a lot of new friends.

Why choose for the EFR?

The EFR offers you as the possibility to experience what it's like to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice. Do you have a good idea of an activity that you would like to organize? At the EFR this is possible. Organizing activities at the EFR is not only a lot of fun, but also entails the perfect preparation for your future career. During your year at the EFR you will have the possibility to discover and develop a large variety of skills, which can be of use in your life after graduation. Working in teams, organizing meetings, negotiating and job interviews are only a few of the things that you will come across during the year. Besides these opportunities, you will get the chance to meet a lot of new people. The social aspect is very important. Therefore, all of the activities organized by the EFR aren't just marked by professionalism; they are also marked by a great deal of fun.

More information?

On this Website you will find a lot of information about the different committees, including experiences of committee members and descriptions of the committees themselves. If you want to know even more, you can always visit our office at HB-108. We hope we can tell you a lot abou being an active member for the EFR and we are looking forward to your application!



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