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With over 6000 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. From academic events, to recruitment occasions and social gatherings; we bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Each year, we organise various activities and events for students of the Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. Among other things, we offer the cheapest books, provide study support, and organise social events to help students feel at home in Rotterdam. We also help prepare you for the labour market, bring you in touch with your future employer, and enhance your student experience.

EFR history

EFR is the oldest study association of Rotterdam. Founded in 1925, EFR has a longstanding relationship with the student life in Rotterdam. Over the years a large variety of events were organised. Click below to view a timeline containing the key events of EFR from 1925-2021.

our history

the 57th EFR Board

Each year, 8 driven and enthusiastic students run EFR. The board is responsible for running the association and determining its course for the future. They are in charge of over 170 committee members and around 70 events a year. For more information, click 'Meet our board' below.

Board 2020-2021 photo

bridging the gap between theory and practice

The mission of the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. EFR organises study related activities for economically orientated students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and aims to provide students with a unique experience using EFR's four pillars: education, development, orientation and network.

our four pillars

EFR events are organised across four pillars: development, orientation, network and education. By doing so, we aim to provide a complete package of events and services for students.

  • icon of development


    Social and professional skills are skills you are not able to learn in a lecture hall. EFR supports this by giving you the opportunity to become an EFR committee member or to attend one of our inspirational events. An example is the EFR/ESE job market skills, where students can follow all sorts of trainings. These will help you develop both as an individual and as a professional.
  • icon of orientation


    EFR assists students by facilitating orientational events. Different events help you to orientate either on your major, master or future career. Especially, the Master Orientation Day events, the EFR Master Career Week, and Erasmus Recruitment help you orientate during the different stages of your time at university.
  • icon of network


    EFR helps you to expand both your social and professional network. During your academic life here at university, the level of seriousness and professionality of networking events will grow with you as you become older, starting with drinks and first year weekends for you to meet friends and ending with the biggest recruitment event of Europe.
  • icon of education


    Every student wants to pass their exams and earn a degree. EFR is there to support you in this as much as possible. We offer yearly bachelor guides, free summaries and the cheapest books. We also organise academic courses where students can earn ECTS, such as EFR Involve Research Project and the EFR minor.

wall of fame

Over the years, many prominent speakers visited EFR to receive awards and inspire students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • Mark Rutte

    Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Participated in the EFR/Eenvandaag Debate in 2017.
  • Paul Polman

    CEO of Unilever. Participated in Transform your World in 2016
  • Arundhati Bhattacharya

    Chair of the State Bank of India. Spoke at the EFR World of Business Congress in 2017
  • Ban Ki-Moon

    Secretary General of the United Nations. Visited EFR in 2016 to receive the World Leader Cycle Award
  • Mikhail Gorbachev

    President of the Soviet Union from 1990 until 1991. Visited EFR in 1996 to receive the World Leader Cycle Award.
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flagship events

Each year EFR organises multiple events which take over the campus. Below you can find an overview of these events.

EFR bodies

The EFR board is not on their own. Several bodies, existing of former board members help the board with long term strategic decision making and the relationship management with its alumni members.

  • supervisory board

    The EFR supervisory board fulfills an important advisory role towards the board. They strongly support the board in meeting the long term strategy and goals. The EFR board reports to the supervisory board every six weeks, with the aim to discuss matters on a strategic level. The supervisory board consists of 8 former EFR board members: Lisanne Hofman (chairman), Shila Kobakiwal, Maarten Weekenborg, Fleur Jongma, Tiemen de Jong, Emile Evers, Saskia Dekkers and Sanne Kranenbarg.
  • alumni board

    The EFR alumni board is responsible for organising events for EFR alumni members. EFR alumni members include former board members and committee members. Their goal is to make sure you stay in touch with the valuable contacts you made during your time as a student. Members of the EFR alumni board are former board or committee members. Currently the board exists of Lisanne Notenboom (chairman), Rutger de Roo van Alderwerelt, Frits Meeuwissen, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Victor Schipper, Friso Oosten and Sammy Botter
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  • verification committee

    The verification committee supervises the treasurer of the current EFR board in all financial aspects of the association. The verification committee consists of four former board members and ensures a consistent financial administration and the financial stability. This is for now and for the future. They do so by checking the treasurer's bookkeeping every 4 weeks. Members of the verification committee are Rogier Hoogeveen, Robert Nieuwenhuis, Rutger Bos, Maurice van Marrewijk, Florian de Groot and Dirk van den Beuken


Below you can find both the policy documents of the past three boards and the most recent financial statement of EFR. For any questions please send an email to president@efr.nl.

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