alumni association

Alumni Association

During your time at EFR you probably have made a lot of friends and connections. The goal of EFR Alumni association is to make sure that you will have the opportunity to maintain those long lasting friendships. The Alumni association uses the tight network of EFR to organise events for former committee members and former boardmembers. The EFR Alumni association has been doing this since 2001. The events range from a summer activity to a large former board member gala during our lustrum. All events are aimed to allow you to relive “the good old days” at EFR.

The EFR Alumni association board:
Jara Verkleij - Chairman
Luuk Hackeng - Secretary
Jerome Aries - Treasurer
Bob Lemmens - Commissioner of activities
Frits Meeuwissen - Commissioner of activities

For any inquiries concerning our activities, please reach out to the Alumni board through

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