Arnoud Rebel

Hi everyone, my name is Arnoud. As Treasurer, I am responsible for all the associations finances. This means I am responsible for guiding the treasurers of all EFR’s flagship projects, helping out other board-members when needed and fulfilling treasurer related tasks such as taxes, payments and invoicing.

The best part about my function is to carry the responsibility of supervising the budget of Europe’s largest study association. This entails drafting a budget at the beginning of the year and monitoring the financial health of the association throughout the year to aim for a zero-budget result by the end of the year.

Solving problems as they come along with my particular skill set as Treasurer has been very rewarding and a refreshing change of pace. Doing a board year is unique in the sense that you get broad responsibilities at a relatively young age. I can highly recommend a board year to anyone interested in gaining hands-on experience and working within the broader community of students at the Erasmus University.

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