Diederik Mosch


My name is Diederik Mosch and I will be the Project Manager General of the 56th EFR Board!. I am 21 years old, currently a 4th year student in Rotterdam and besides my activities at EFR I am also active at a fraternity. In my second year I decided to join the ski trip committee at EFR, after hearing great stories of the previous years. In my third year after organizing an awesome ski trip to Italy and making loads of new friends, I went on an exchange to Budapest. Where I fully enjoyed the life of being an international student. When back in the Netherlands I signed up for the 11th lustrum committee, where we have been working hard to make the 55th birthday unforgettable for EFR and all of her members. For this year I wanted to both develop myself in a way I would never be able to by just studying and extend my time as a student, so I applied for a position in the EFR Board.

As Project Manager General, my main task is to supervise nine part-time committees. Ranging from multiple “social” committees to, for instance, the activities committee which organizes the Inspiration Days. Which is the successor of the World of Business, an inspirational congress where students will explore a theme through several different plenary and interactive sessions with prominent and inspiring speakers. Furthermore I am responsible for supervising the Master Career Week committee, a full-time committee which organizes a brand-new recruitment event in November. Which aims to connect students of the Erasmus School of Economics to their future employers, by organizing off-campus bootcamps specific to a certain branch.

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