Dieuwertje Borst

My name is Dieuwertje Borst, and this year I will be the Project Manager Education (PME) of the 57th EFR board. I moved to Rotterdam when I started my studies here, and have had a great time in the city! I have just finished my Bachelor's in Economics and Business Economics, and am in my final year of the Double Degree in Philosophy. As a student, I joined EFR in my first year as a member and became a committee member in my second year. With the Activities committee we organized the "EenVandaag Lijsttrekkersdebat", an incredible experience. Then, in my third year, I became chair of the Master Orientation Days committee, a committee that organizes several days meant for bachelor students to learn more about the masters that the Erasmus School of Economics offers.

As PME I will manage the educational projects of EFR like the EFR Involve Consultancy Project and the EFR Model United Nations (MUNROT). Also, I will represent EFR together with some committee members at several events and projects which are organised by EFR in collaboration with the Erasmus School of Economics, like the EFR/ESE Job Market Skills and the Meet Your Professor videos. I will help the committee members that organize these projects wherever I can.

In short, it is my task to make sure that EFR helps its members in any way possible during their studies here at university. From study support to international trips, the aim is to enrich the study life of each member.

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