Dirk van den Beuken


My name is Dirk and this year I am the Project Manager Career of the 56th EFR Board! I am 22 years old and currently a 5th year student in Rotterdam. Besides my activities at EFR, I am a member of the fraternity Laurentius and enjoy playing sports and music. Before my boardyear, I studied IBEB, was a mentor at ESE, went on exchange to Moscow and did an internship at Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. While I have been active at EFR in the Commercial Team and Activities Committee, a board year still presents an entirely new challenge for me.

The Project Manager Career is responsible for the guidance of students in their career perspectives and professional development, as well as managing a commercial network. This ranges from broad orientation events to EFR’s recruitment activities, where students will be able to find an internship, job or side-job. Committees I supervise include the Master Orientation Days Committee, the Investment Conference Committee and two of our Master Study Boards. I work closely together with the Project Manager Career from STAR to supervise the Erasmus Recruitment Days committee, the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe, and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee.

The Project Manager Career is also responsible for a large part of the EFR’s commercial network, working side to side with the Commercial Officer. Furthermore, in my position I set out long-term strategies for career services at EFR. A Project Manager Career must be able to keep a helicopter view over all projects and be able to align interests and capabilities of different parties. I am always looking for new opportunities for EFR to invest in and partners to collaborate with. Above all, communication, enthusiasm, leadership and drive are needed! 

If you have any questions about my role in the board, feel free to send me a message or drop by the office!

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