Dunvel Délias

Dunvel Délias

Project Manager Education

My name is Dunvel Délias and I am 20 years old. I originally come from France but moved to Rotterdam when I was 17 to study Economics and Business Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. Now that I have graduated, I feel incredibly honoured to have the chance to give a year of my life to the students of my faculty and beyond.

This academic year, I took over the challenge to become the first Project Manager Education (PME) of the EFR board and to set the standards for our educational policy. As PME, you do not only manage educational projects but you are also the link to the faculty’s academic staff. Some educational projects are already an integral part of EFR, such as the EFR book sale and the EFR Involve Consultancy project, and need to be taken to even higher standards each year.

As EFR is expanding its educational pillar, a great number of new projects require an enthusiastic and energetic approach, such as the EFR summaries, the EFR minor and the EFR University Tour. It is therefore decisive to have strong communication skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. Making contact with the educational staff of Erasmus School of Economics is important to create further support for our projects.

As PME, you do not only work together with the faculty but also with companies and NGO’s for the EFR Research Projects. You also supervise up to five different committees and help the committee members to develop themselves throughout the whole year. Being a Project Manager means giving your energy and input from A to Z for each project, while having the fantastic opportunity to work with motivated and passionate people.


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