Fleur Notermans

Fleur Notermans

Project Manager General

Hi! My name is Fleur Notermans and I am the Project Manager General of the 55th EFR Board. I am 21 years old and moved to Rotterdam from the North of the Netherlands, Friesland. I have been living in Rotterdam for three years now and in those years, I have always been active at EFR. I’ve done the START committee, Marketing committee and after spending half a year in Zurich, I also did the Eurekaweek committee.

As Project Manager General, my main task is to supervise six part time committees and one full time committee. With these committees, maintaining the EFR event portfolio and always looking for new and exciting events are important tasks.

The committees range from social committees that organize the EFR Committee Member Weekend, to the Study Trip committee, to committees that organize more serious events like the Dutch National Election Debate. The full time committee, the EFR Business Week Committee, consists of five members that work fulltime to organize a two-week event, the EFR Business Week. Which is one of EFR’s largest and most professional events, with inspirational congresses and off-campus recruitment.

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