Florian de Groot


My name is Florian de Groot and I am the President of the 56th EFR board. I am 22 years old and was raised in Aerdenhout, a town near Amsterdam. During my bachelor years, I was active in various student bodies. In my second year, I was a member of the External Affairs committee of EFR and got very enthusiastic about the association as a whole. Last year I was able to finish my IBEB degree nominally and I decided to postpone my studies for a year and apply for the EFR board. I was lucky enough to get selected and now I will gladly tell you some more about what being President at EFR entails! 

My number one priority is the board itself. As President, you are expected to manage and provide support to the board. A large part of this is guiding your fellow board members with their motivation, learning goals and workload. Ensuring every board member is in an ideal position to do his or her job is of high importance. It is up to you to make sure that the communication within the board runs smoothly. Furthermore, you are responsible for the cohesion of the group. Both in good and in bad times, you need to guarantee the quality of work remains high. In sum, managing a team of eight people requires a good understanding of people.

 Secondly, as the face of the association, you are expected to be present at all events to represent EFR. This obviously includes giving speeches at EFR events. Another part of this is representing EFR in meetings with other student associations, talking with the dean of the Erasmus School of Economics to provide updates on EFR’s operations, but also being present at social activities to talk with ordinary members. You are responsible to maintain this network. You will have an important role in the coordination of the short- and long-term strategy and policy making of EFR.

Thirdly, you are responsible for the long-term policy of EFR. It is necessary to look forward and be aware of current developments. The ability to innovate based on the matters at hand and create a strategy for the future is an essential asset for an EFR President.

If you ever have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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