Hidde Harms

Hello everyone! Please excuse me for the social distance if you see me, I try to “elbow” everyone in an effort to not make greetings awkward! My name is Hidde and I am the Commercial Officer and Vice-President in this extra ordinary year 2020/2021.

Reading this should inform you on who I am and what I do at EFR.

I’ll start with a short anecdote that describes me, sometime during a board meeting this summer we brainstormed about a promotional stunt. I suggested to kitesurf next to the Erasmus Bridge with an EFR flag strapped on my back, my fellow board members convinced me that this wasn’t the best idea and that I would end up spending the night in prison. I still think it would be worth the experience!

Before studying in Rotterdam I was in the youth council of Madurodam and I organised a TEDxDelft event. During my bachelor International Economics and Business Economics I indulged in the student life, went on exchange to Toulouse and worked multiple side-jobs. In my fourth and final bachelor year, I finished my thesis, did an extra minor negotiations and realised a dream of mine: I worked at a windsurf centre in Tenerife. It was amazing to pick up some Spanish and  to wind/kite/surf as much as I could. Before and after this three month trip I was part of the EFR Commercial Team, a perfect lead-up to this board year.

As the Commercial Officer, my responsibilities include maintaining and expanding the company network of EFR. I contact a lot of companies during the year and advise them in their recruitment strategies. Negotiating deals and linking the right company with the right event. The position contains a lot of external contact and strategic decision making as you are representing companies’ interest in EFR’s long term decisions. The position also includes committee management as I supervise all the commercial positions and in the Commercial Team of EFR.

As Vice President I speech or lead whenever our President is not there and I help her with large decisions and problems. Furthermore, the VP maintains relationships with all non-commercial partners and I reach out to people for the World Leader Cycle Award.

Are you looking for smart, ambitious economics students for your company? Or are you a student interested in a position at EFR? Feel free to contact me. We can have a coffee, sit down for lunch or go for a walk in the park!

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