Lisanne Hofman

Lisanne Hofman

Project Manager General

Hi! My name is Lisanne Hofman and I am the Project Manager General of the 54th EFR Board. I come from a little town called Pijnacker, close to Rotterdam actually. I have studied Business Administration at RSM and have been a committee member with EFR for three years. I have been part of the Activities Committee, StudyTrip committee and International Cultural Committee. In my spare time I like to scuba dive, read and travel. City trips, but also more longer during backpack trips. I have been to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Cuba, Canada (where I did my exchange) and Vietnam - I guess there's many more to add!!

As the Project Manager General of the EFR, you will be supervising eight or nine different committees and you are responsible for the structure and strategy behind the many EFR events your committees will organise. Together with the committees you will make sure that the quality of those events will be maintained.

The committees that you will supervise are responsible for the more general EFR events, ranging from a National Political Debate to the EFR Study Trip, EFR Drinks or the EFR Committee Members Prom. Amongst the committees you supervise is the EFR Business Week Committee. This committee consists of six members that work fulltime at the EFR office, just as the EFR Board. Together with them you will be responsible for the organisation of one of the largest and most professional inspiration congresses on campus.

As Project Manager General you will guide your committees in the organisation of many EFR events, you will be responsible for the strategy behind these activities and you will stimulate innovation. During their academic year you will help your Committee Members in their development. In the position of Project Manager General there is a lot of space for creativity, development of new events or revival of old events. You should be able to manage several projects simultaneously, you should be charismatic and above all a strong leader and motivator. Furthermore, you should be able to handle stress, communicate well and be able to motivate people.


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