Mara Felix

My name is Mara Felix and I am the Project Manager Education (PME) of the 58th EFR board. I grew up in Zwolle and decided to move to Rotterdam to study Economics and Business Economics. One of the first things I did as a student was sign up for an EFR committee and I never regretted it. The first committee I did was (one of) the best committees EFR has, the START committee. Together with a group of enthusiastic students we organized events for fellow first year students. The year after that I was part of the MUN committee and last year I was the chairman of the Activities Committee. After doing 3 committees, I was still not fed up with EFR yet so I decided to pursue a board year.

As PME I supervise education and development orientated committees like the Academic, MUN and Involve committee as well as the master study boards. I am also responsible for several study support projects like the summaries and the book sale and I oversee some projects in collaboration with the ESE like the Job Market Skills.

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