Marjolein Keijzer


Hi! My name is Marjolein Keijzer and I am the marketing officer of the 56th EFR board. My decision to study in Rotterdam was not a hard one since I've grown in and near Rotterdam. I like the feeling of the big city and the Erasmus University reflects that perfectly in their education. Last year, I finally finished my bachelor in Economics.

I always liked all the fun and activities that come with being a student. In my first year, I did the START committee. I liked being a committee member very much, so I decided for my second year to do the High Five committee. After my third committee, the Social Responsibility committee, I decided I could not get enough of EFR and applied for a board year. In my spare time, I like to play hockey, hang our with friends and watch series.My responsibility is to maintain EFR as the strong brand it is. Because of that, I am involved with almost every project of EFR and I have a lot of meetings with different stakeholders within and outside of EFR. On the other hand, I am supervising 2 committees: the content committee which makes all our blogs and the Marketing committee which creates the almanack and a lot of other tools for marketing purposes. Besides that, I work together with the Marketing Officers from ERD and the MCW to brainstorm about their marketing strategies. As a Marketing Officer, I learn a lot of hard skills like various Adobe programmes and designing skills besides the soft skills you learn as a board member. If you are interested in putting such a big student organisation out there in any creative way? Don’t hesitate to contact me so we can drink coffee together!

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