Matti Tielrooij

Hi everyone! I am Matti, the Commercial- and Sustainability, Inclusion, and Diversity Officer of the 58th EFR board. This means that when I’m not closing companies I am changing the world.

Reading this should inform you on who I am and what I do at EFR.

I have always lived somewhat close to Rotterdam growing up, during this time I really got to see Rotterdam grow into the tremendously beautiful and loving city that it is now. Once I had to make the choice where to study it had to be Rotterdam, there is a reason why they call it New York upon the Maas, beautiful architecture and a culture that is all about getting stuff done. I initially started at Hogeschool Rotterdam, as during my time in secondary school I was focused on everything but studying, however, I quickly realised that University was the way to go. So in true Rotterdam fashion I just gone and done it, and switched to the EUR.

During my First year at EUR I joined the EFR Party Crew, this is where I got sucked in to the association, and then later I did the Marketing committee and then the Inspiration Days committee, after this I had a gap year so I Decided to take on the most beautiful role in the EFR board; Commercial Officer.

As the Commercial Officer, my responsibilities include maintaining and expanding the company network of EFR. I contact a lot of companies during the year and advise them in their recruitment strategies, besides that I negotiate deals and link the right company with the right event. The position contains a lot of external contact and strategic decision making as you are representing companies’ interest in EFR’s long term decisions. The position also includes committee management as I supervise all the commercial positions in the part- and fulltime committees.

When I’m not bringing in the money at EFR, you can find me on the tennis- or basketball court or at the rugby or golf club. Feel free to challenge me for a match sometime, I’m always down for a game.

Are you looking for smart, ambitious economics students for your company? Or are you a student interested in a position at EFR? Feel free to contact me. We can have a coffee, sit down for lunch or go for a walk in the park!

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