Maurice van Marrewijk


Hi, my name is Maurice van Marrewijk. I am the Treasurer of the 56th EFR Board. I am 21 years old and grew up in Oostvoorne. I finished my bachelor Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management last summer. In the past I went to the EFR Skitrip and after that I joined the Master Orientation Days committee at EFR. In this way I got involved at EFR and decided to apply for a full-time board year at EFR in order to develop myself even further.

As Treasurer, I am in charge of the financial part of EFR. I started this academic year with making the budget for the forthcoming 12 months. This budget had to be in line with the long-term strategic policy of the association. During the year, I adjust this budget to new expectations of costs and revenues in order to make the right decisions for all projects.

In the end, it is my goal to make sure that every euro spent delivers the maximum benefit to the organization as a whole. After all you can’t spend money twice. This requires me to have a lot of contact with all the different committees and, of course, my board in order to get the most up-to-date information.

Furthermore, I take care of the financial administration and make sure that it is done according to legislation. I am also responsible for timely payment of invoices and debtors and I sign for every single outgoing penny.
As Treasurer, I have affinity with financial figures and I am able to keep a good overview of EFR. I can make strategic decisions and have to stand my ground when needed. This also means I have to be able to say “no” to my fellow board and committee members. I also identify and manage risks when they appear.

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