Robert Nieuwenhuis

Robert Nieuwenhuis


My name is Robert Nieuwenhuis and I am the President of the 55th EFR board. I am 22 years old and was born and raised in Leidschendam. I am currently finishing my bachelor Economie & Bedrijfseconomie at the Erasmus School of Economic.

My number one priority is the Board itself. As EFR's President, you are expected to manage and provide support to the Board. It is up to you to make sure that the communication within the board runs smoothly and you are responsible for the cohesion of the group. Therefore, a good understanding of people is required.

As the face of the association, you are expected to be present at all events to represent EFR. Your contacts range from other student associations to the dean of the faculty and the executive board of the university. You are responsible to maintain this network. You will have an important role in the in the coordination of the short- and long-term strategy and policy making of EFR.

Since you keep in close contact with your fellow Board Members, you are well aware of everything that happens in and around the association. For this, a helicopter view is required. You need to look forward and be aware of current developments in, for instance university policies. The ability to innovate based on the matters at hand and create a strategy for the future is asked of an EFR President.

Last but definitely not least, the President is responsible for a good working environment. The motivation, learning goals, workload and all other personal things of the other seven Board Members is focus number one during the whole year.

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