Rosalie Boulan

Hi everyone, my name is Rosalie Boulan. This year I am the IT Officer and Secretary of the 58th EFR board. I grew up in near Rotterdam and decided to stay in this amazing city for my studies. I joined EFR during the first year of my bachelor’s in economics and Business Economics. I started off in the START committee, where I organized events for first year students. In my second and third year I was in the activities committee and the involve consultancy committee respectively. My experiences with these committees were the reason why I applied for a board year. I am looking forward to spending a year on personal development and improving my skills together with a team of seven other motivated people.

As the IT Officer, I am responsible for all the information structures within EFR. Information systems form the groundwork of professional organisations like EFR and much can still be innovated. From implementing tools to improve the efficiency of the board to leading strategic long-term projects with many stakeholders, my goal is to optimize the strategic value of information.

My daily tasks include managing all EFR websites, supervising the Data Officers of the Erasmus Recruitment Board & the Master Career Week and setting up my own projects. These projects range from updating the CRM system to analysing our data.

In my function of Secretary, I organise the General Members Assemblies, write minutes during meetings and facilitate all communication to EFR members and alumni. So, now you know who sends you that monthly newsletter!

I get to be involved in almost all events, projects and committees, which makes this position both challenging and rewarding. As IT Officer & Secretary it is important to embrace an innovative mindset, possess strong problem-solving skills and have a strategic perspective on EFR. 

If you want to know more about my position or about EFR, please do not hesitate to contact me, or come by the office for a cup of coffee!

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