Rozemarijn Bloem

Hi everyone! I am Rozemarijn and I am the Commcercial Officer of the 59th board! This means I am responsible for maintaining and expanding the external relations of EFR while creating value for both students and companies. Next to that I am supervising the Women in Business committee and the commercials of the EFR Master Career Week and Erasmus Recruitment Board.

When I started studying Economics I joined the party crew. In my second year I was part of the Inspiration Days committee which was an incredible learning experience. Not only did my committee members become my best friends and did we organize an amazing event. I also learned a lot about acquisition which motivated me to become full-time commercial in the board. 

At EFR I am keeping in touch with companies or working with the commercials of Inspiration Days, Women in Business, Master Orientation Days, Involve Consulting or other commercial committee tigers who have cool partnership ideas! Besides these exciting responsibilities I love to sail, ski or explore new dishes. 

If you have an interesting new (commercial) idea for EFR or just want to enjoy our coffee (best on campus), do not hesitate to come by our office!

xx Rozemarijn

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