Rutger Bos

Rutger Bos

Commercial Officer

My name is Rutger Bos and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am in my fourth year of studying here in Rotterdam. I live in Kralingen near the university and now and then I am going home to my parents at my hometown called Mijdrecht. 

As the Commercial Officer, you will be responsible for all company contact on behalf of the EFR. Amongst others, you will visit companies, brainstorm about recruitment strategies and represent companies’ interest in EFR’s long term decisions. The position contains a lot of external contact, committee management and strategic decision making. Firstly, you will maintain and try to expand the vast company network of the EFR. Together with your predecessor you will make a ‘summer round’ in which you will be introduced as the new commercial, the past collaboration is evaluated and the new options are discussed.

During the year, these contacts have to be strategically distributed among all of EFR’s events and committees. It will be your ultimate responsibility that these contacts are handled professionally and that the long term continuation of the partnership is secured. Secondly, you will be the representative of EFR’s partners in any decision that is made within the board. This part of the position has a very strong strategic character because there are continuous long term developments. One example of this year is the gathering of feedback of companies for the development of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. Lastly, this is the perfect position to orientate on your interests for a master, internship or future job. You will get to know different branches, a lot about individual companies and many recruiters.


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