Sammy Botter

Hi! My name is Sammy Botter and I am the Project Manager General of the 57th EFR board. I am 22 years old and was raised in both London and Amsterdam. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, football, squash and tennis. During my second year as a student, I joined a fraternity and was the chair of the External Affairs committee. Last year, I was a part of EFR’s Activities Committee that was responsible for organizing the first edition of the EFR Inspiration Days. After completing my IBEB degree in three years, I decided to apply for the EFR board, as I felt like it was time for something else other than studying.

As Project Manager General, my main task is to supervise six part-time committees and one full-time committee. The part-time committees range from multiple socially oriented committees, like the High Five committee, to committees like the Activities and Inspiration Days committee. Furthermore, I oversee the Master Career Week, a full-time EFR committee that aims to connect students of the Erasmus School of Economics to their future employers, by organizing an off-campus recruitment event with bootcamps specific to a certain branch.

This year marks a special year for me. As PMG, I am responsible for many events, but Covid-19 makes this rather hard. In this year, we will thus have to think of many creative solutions. The highlight of my board year will be having the honor of organizing the Dutch national election debate prior to the 2021 national elections. Apart from that, this year will mark the first edition of the Inspiration Days, the successor of the World of Business congress, an inspirational congress where students will explore a theme through several different plenary and interactive sessions with prominent and inspiring speakers. Last year, we would have welcomed Donald Tusk and Pieter Elbers. Unfortunately, this event did not take place due to Covid-19.

I am looking forward to this year a lot. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

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