Sanne Kranenbarg


My name is Sanne Kranenbarg, I am 20 years old and this year I will take care of the educational pillar of EFR as Project Manager Education (PME). Originally I am from Amersfoort and three years ago I decided to move to Rotterdam and make the most out of my student life. The past three years have truly been great. I have always been active at EFR, by being part of several committees. In my first year, I did the International Cultural committee, in my second year the Activities committee and after spending half a year in Singapore, I also did the Eurekaweek committee. I have just finished my bachelor Economics and Business Economics and I am very excited to see a totally different side of the Erasmus School of Economics this year as a board member of EFR. 

As PME I will manage the educational projects of EFR like the EFR Involve Consultancy Project and the EFR Model United Nations (MUN). These projects are organised from A-to-Z by committees which I will supervise and support where I can. Also, I will represent EFR together with some committee members at several events and projects which are organised by EFR in collaboration with the Erasmus School of Economics, like the EFR/ESE Job Market Skills and the Meet Your Professor videos.

In sum, it is my task to make sure the educational pillar is represented in the EFR policy. I believe that from our position as EFR, located in the middle of the student network, we have the perfect position to see where EFR can help out to enrich the life of our members.

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