Victor Schipper


Hi everyone, my name is Victor Schipper. I’m 21 years old and this year I willl have the best position of all: IT Officer and Secretary of the 56th EFR board.

While growing up in Berkel en Rodenrijs, I played a lot of soccer and guitar. When I moved to Rotterdam to study IBEB, the many hours of making music got exchanged for committees, work and having a beer with friends. Now that I’ve finished my bachelor, during which I went on exchange to Lisbon, I’m ready for a new challenge: a board year at EFR.

As the IT Officer and Secretary I’m responsible for all IT projects within EFR. That ranges from supervising the IT Officers of the Erasmus Recruitment Days and Master Career Week to working on my own projects. These projects include managing the CRM system, analyzing EFR related data and working on the long-term strategy of Erasmus Recruitment. A challenge here is to make sure the websites are up-to-date and keep innovating both the website and the processes within EFR.

As Secretary, I organize the General Members Assemblies and write minutes during the board meeting. Also, the communication to all EFR members and alumni comes from me. So, now you know who sends you that monthly newsletter!

In my role, I get to be involved in almost all events, projects and committees, which makes this position challenging and a lot of fun. As IT Officer and Secretary, I strive to recognize the importance of information and be able to optimize it’s strategic value.

If you have any questions or want to know more about my position or about EFR, don’t hesitate to contact me or come by our office for a cup of coffee!

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