EFR was founded in 1925 and has enriched her history ever since. 

photo ofCO2 neutral

EFR becomes the first carbon neutral study association of the Netherlands.

photo ofFirst ever Master Career Week

Organisation of the first ever EFR Master Career Week.

photo ofWebsite

Launch of EFR's new website.

photo ofCorporate identity

Inclusion of ESE in the official logo with the launch of the new corporate identity.

photo ofWLC Ban Ki Moon

EFR welcomes Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, at the Erasmus University to award him the World Leader Cycle award.

photo ofERP

Launch of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, EFR's and STAR's online recruitment platform.

photo ofEFR logo

Refreshing of the EFR logo

photo ofERD

The first edition of the Rotterdamse Bedrijvendagen was organised, now known as the Erasmus Recruitment Days.

photo ofWorld Leader Cycle Award

First World Leader Cycle award was given to F.W. de Klerk, the state president of South Africa.

photo ofEurotour

First Eurotour was organised. The Eurotour was a two week exchange with a European partner university.

photo ofNew Logo

New EFR logo.

photo ofEFR Business Week

Founding of the EFR Business Week. It started as a week long conference, aimed to inspire the students.

photo ofEclaire

EFR's magazine, the Eclaire, was published for the first time.

photo ofErasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam as we know it nowadays was founded.

photo ofStudy Clubs

The structure of the association changed due to the introduction of master study clubs. The study clubs Finance, Marketing, Econometrics, Business and Informatics are founded.

photo ofEFR founded

The Vereniging Voor Studentenbelangen becomes the Economic Faculty Association.

photo ofNEH

NHH becomes the NEH, the Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool

photo ofVereniging Voor Studentenbelangen

EFR's predecessor, Vereniging Voor Studentenbelangen was founded

photo ofHandels Hoge School, HHS

Founding of the ‘Handels Hoge School, HHS’, the predecessor of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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