World Leader Cycle Award

World Leader Cycle Award

As one of the largest and most prominent study associations of the Netherlands, Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) proudly presents a yearly award to a world leader with extraordinary accomplishments. Prominent leaders that stood out because of their actions in the field of politics or society are being considered for the award. The World Leader Cycle award is presented by EFR on behalf of both students and the faculty. Among past winners are many influential politicians and other world leaders.

The following leaders have received a award in the past:

1995/1996 - F.W. De Klerk (State President of South-Africa)

1996/1997 - Jacques Santer (President of the European Commission)

1997/1998 - Helmut Kohl (Chancellor of Germany)

1997/1998 - Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein-leader)

2001/2002 - Shimon Peres (Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Israel)

2003/2004 - Gerhard Schröder (Chancellor of Germany)

2003/2004 - Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel)

2004/2005 - Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (Secretary General of NATO)

2005/2006 - Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Prime Minister of Turkey)

2006/2007 - Fredrik Reinfeldt (Prime Minister of Sweden)

2007/2008 - Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Secretary-General of the United Nations)

2008/2009 - Pascal Lamy (Director General of WTO)

2009/2010 - Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Secretary-General of NATO)

2010/2011 - Jakob Kellenberger (president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC))

2011/2012 (in Economics) - Andrius Kubilius (Prime Minister of Lithuania)

2011/2012 (in International Politics) - Herman v. Rompuy (President of the European Union) 

2015/2016 - Ban Ki - Moon (Secretary-General of the UN) 

2017/2018 - François Hollande (Former President of France)

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mr. Ban-Ki Moon arriving

mr. Ban-Ki Moon arriving

The mayor is waiting

The mayor is waiting
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