Surviving the Bottom of the Bottle

Remiel, Audrey

It’s Friday night, you’re ready to own the night with your friends at the bar. It sounds like a lot of fun, you get to drink, dance, and perhaps meet exciting people. But then, the thoughts of having a hangover starts to seem pretty scary, not to mention puking and passing out who-knows-where... Relax, we’ve interviewed a first-year IBEB guy who’s used to getting drunk properly and taking care of drunk people. He has put every drinking tips on the table for us.

Let’s start before you step out of your house. First thing first, put on some comfortable clothing. Being drunk will most likely involve a lot of walking, which is why it’s not a good idea to wear heels. Opt for a pair of sneakers instead. Try not to bring excessive as you will lose things. Yet, don’t forget your ID, even if you feel like you look old enough. Make sure your phone has a full battery. You might need to call someone or use the GPS to find your way back home in the middle of the night. Lastly, have a proper meal beforehand. Food absorbs the alcohol, preventing you from getting drunk as easily.

Now, it’s time to get the party started! Begin with drinking only around people you trust, namely your friends that you know won’t take advantage of you. You need someone to make sure you won’t do stupid things such as wasting money on strangers. If possible, try to have a Bob, also known as that one sober person responsible for their group of friends. Don’t let the peer pressure get to you, even if everyone around you is drinking and you don’t feel like it. If someone forces you to drink, don’t hesitate to say no. Your friends may take care of you, but not strangers. Drinking may be fun, but do it moderately and never mix your drinks. Never step down from your current alcohol level, like from vodka to beer. It may raise your acid level, triggering your body to puke.

One bottle after another, you’re high in the sky. Remember to drink water to prevent hangovers or to make the effect less severe. Set yourself a rule of thumb: a glass of alcohol is equivalent to a glass of water. Try to avoid texting people, you wouldn’t want to have that ex questioning your drunk texts on the next morning. Fatty food might help you sober up, like potato chips. If you’re drunk and indoors, don’t puke inside. Someone will have to clean it, and nobody likes that. But if you really have to, do it in the bathroom. Be a nice person and take care of your friends if they are puking, and don’t hesitate to call the ambulance if someone is too drunk. If you’re drunk and at home, don’t go out, just stay home and don’t add weed to your system. If you think something is a good idea, ask someone else first about it. You don’t know better, even if you think you do. Finally, don’t just leave alone. You will get your friends worried, and if something terrible happens or that you get too drunk to function, you’re screwed. Make sure your friends approve that you can go home safely.

Most of the time, we all get drunk for a purpose, be it to forget things or just to be more sociable for the night. Nevertheless, it is always wise to get drunk properly, or in other words: minimizing the loss while maximizing the benefit. Being prepared and knowing what to do in certain situations would definitely help you and your friends in surviving the party. Big thanks to our interviewee, he sure knows how to seize the night. Drink responsibly, stay hydrated, and have a great time readers!

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