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In November 2019, the first edition of the EFR Master Career Week (MCW) will take place. Responsible for the organisation of this event is the brand-new EFR master career week committee. From May 6 onwards, the members of this committee are working full-time on the preparation of this event. Who are these people? What do they think of their time at EFR so far? And what exactly does the MCW entail? This week, we interviewed Friso Oosten (chairman) and Jan van den Berg (Commissioner of Marketing) to get the answers to these questions.

Why did EFR start the EFR MCW?
“The EFR Business Week used to be one of the most prestigious recruitment events and EFR was one of the first study associations to organise such an event. The EFR Business Week took place in April, quite late in the academic year. Research showed that November is a better moment for recruitment than April. For this reason, we will now host a brand new, unique recruitment event in November!”

Why is this event specifically focused on Master students?
“There never really was an event only accessible for Master students. For example, the Erasmus Recruitment Days also organise workshops and presentations for Bachelor students. The Master students of the ESE did not get that much attention of EFR, which is why the EFR MCW has a focus on these students. On the other side, most companies are highly interested in Master students. So that is a large benefit as well.”

Are you going to work together with other Master study associations?
“We have no collaborations planned, but we do not rule it out either. People usually become a member at a Master association when they are doing a Master program, but they are already familiar with EFR from the beginning of their studies onwards. That is a difference.”

What are you doing now? What are you going to do in the coming months?
“At this moment, we are really busy with the acquisition. The commercials just started contacting companies to inform them about the event. The marketing part requires time and effort as well because we are working on a new style. The website is being set up. Everything goes by quickly and a lot is happening, but because we’re working on a completely new event, it takes some time.”

What can we expect from the EFR MCW?
“We organize eight boot camps, focused on the different master programs the ESE has to offer. The contents of a bootcamp may differ, but they will all be quite intensive and focused on recruitment of larger firms. The whole week is also open to internationals!”

How do you like your time with EFR so far?
“It’s great! The committee is fun. We just started, so we still have a lot of energy. Everyone is very motivated to complete their personal tasks and goals. In May, it was more of a start-up phase. We had to brainstorm a lot about how the event should look like. It’s a new event, so it was not simply recreating another. Now that we’ve decided what the event must look like, we can really start with the organisation. The atmosphere in the committee is nice as well. Not everyone knew each other beforehand, but we all knew at least one person that is now in our committee. Some of us have done other EFR committees before this one, others haven’t. For those people, it’s really attractive that the EFR MCW is a completely new event.”

Thank you Friso and Jan for the interview!

Meet the MCW:

Chairman: Friso Oosten

“Hi, my name is Friso Oosten and I’m the chairman and treasurer of the EFR master career week committee 2019. This means I’m responsible for the committee as a whole, the contact with other committees and the contact with all other parties involved. For any questions regarding the Master Career Week, don’t hesitate to approach me!”

Commissioner of Marketing: Jan van den Berg

“My name is Jan van den Berg and I am the Commissioner of Marketing of the 1st EFR master career week committee. My job is to launch our brand, EFR Master Career Week, onto the market as effectively as possible. Mainly by putting up the brand's face and making the EFR Master Career Week notable for all Master students, my aim is to achieve a list of registrations with the best possible candidates.”

Commissioner of IT & Strategy: Tom van den Broek

“My name is Tom van den Broek and I am the Commissioner of IT & Strategy of EFR's first master career week committee. This means that I get to organize EFR's newest recruitment event. In my function, I get to set up EFR MCW's IT structure from scratch. Furthermore, I keep an eye on the EFR MCW's long-term strategy, which means that I get to analyze the first edition and shape the event for years to come. This challenge is very exciting, and I really look forward to the coming months!”

Commissioner of Commercial Relations & Events: Lisa Vreeken

“Hi all! My name is Lisa Vreeken and I am one of the two Commissioners of Commercial Relations & Events. This means that I am responsible for all the contact with the companies as well as the planning, logistics and operations of the event. In particular, I am responsible for the Finance, Port, International&Policy and Marketing Bootcamp and together with Niels for the Big4 and Consultancy Bootcamp. I hope we can realize some amazing bootcamps for both the students and the companies!”

Commissioner of Commercial Relations & Events: Niels Corver

“My name is Niels Corver and this year I will fulfil the task of Commissioner of Commercial Relations and Events. This means that I am partly responsible for the contact between firms and our committee. Besides that, I will be responsible for the event management during the EFR Master Career Week. Together with the companies, we try to make the EFR MCW a great and unforgettable event!”

The EFR Master Career Week will take place from 18-28 November 2019. Want to know more? Follow @efrmastercareerweek on Instagram and take a look at the Facebook page for more information.

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