Best places to go for a walk in Rotterdam

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This week has been hectic with exams and of course setting up the frustrating second camera. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, both figuratively and literally because spring is here and we can finally see the sun. In honour of the week break next week, this article is about different places you can go for a walk in Rotterdam.

Places to go on a walk if you like nature:

  1. Het Zuiderpark

This park is in the South of Rotterdam and it is very scenic. There are multiple walk paths and it’s a huge park, the largest city park in the Netherlands to be exact. It is a perfect place to explore and lose yourself in.

  1. Het Park

This park is located close to the Euromast. Although much smaller than Het Zuiderpark, its size does not take away from its charm. Walking through the park will lead you to the street Parkkade, which is a street facing a picturesque view of the Nieuwe Mass.

  1. Admiraliteitskade

This might seem like an odd addition but the walk from Admiraliteitskade to Boompjes, using the path through Haringvliet allows you to walk with a scene of the harbors. In particular the harbor in Oude Haven which can be seen in the picture.

  1. Heemradssingel

This is a long street in Rotterdam West where the Heemradspark is located. However, the whole street is surrounded by trees and greenery making it perfect for a promenade with coffee.


Places to go on a walk if you like the bustle of the city

  1. West Kruiskade

This street is the heart and soul of Rotterdam. That might sound dramatic but  it highlights the multicultural diversity of Rotterdam. There are numerous types of restaurants such as Vietnamese, Surinamese, Moroccan, Chinese and  Thai. On your walk, you will be tempted to stop at every shop. It is a perfect place for a stroll, if you crave the commotion of a city.


  1. Groene Hilledijk

This street is located in the South. Interesting fact about the street is the McDonald’s and KFC are positioned right opposite each other, kind of like a visual representation of their competition.

  1. Meent

Meent is connected to a lot of other streets such as Lijnbaan, Korte Hoogstraat, therefore it is great for a stroll because of the different possibilities of where you will end. An added bonus is there are two McDonald’s in close proximity.

Places to go on a walk if you like history

  1. Delfshaven

Delfshaven is reminiscent of Dutch architecture and aesthetic harbours. There are quite a few historical buildings including the Pilgrims Fathers Church. It is a beautiful part of the city to walk through, learn history and enjoy nature.


  1. Hotel New York

This is located in the Kop van Zuid and was home of the shipping operations between Rotterdam and New York. It is close to the street Wilhelminakade, which gives a scenic view of the Nieuwe Maas and it is also close to the Rijnhaven. A small garden which faces the Nieuwe Mass is located behind the hotel When walking here, it is recommended to walk through Katendrecht to see the Kaappark. 




Places to go on a walk if you like architecture

  1. The White bridge (Erasmusbrug) and The Red bridge (Willemsbrug)

Erasmusbrug and Willemsbrug are too fixtures of Rotterdam that truly highlight it’s modern architecture. Erasmusbrug is nicknamed the swan because of the bridge shape. The best times to walk on either bridge would be close to sunrise or sunset as the view from either bridge is nothing short of magical. Both bridges provide an aerial perspective of architecture in Rotterdam as you can see both sides of the city. Pro tip: you want a view of Willemsbrug, take a walk on Erasmsbrug and if you want a view of Erasmus walk on Willemsbrug.

  1. Yellow bridge (Luchtsingel Bridge)

The Luchtsingel Bridge is located close the Centraal Station and it is a bridge raised by a storey level above the ground, connecting different public projects such as rooftop vegetable garden. It is a good walking spot as one can explore the different paths and which public project it leads too.

Honorary mention

  1. Kralingse Plas

Kralingse Plas is the Eiffel Tower of Kralingen. The greenery is beautiful, there is a walk path surrounded by trees. And if you dare, you might want to jump in the lake. It’s a very ideal location for an evening stroll, a picnic or even a casual day with friends. An added bonus is you will most likely see someone you know and enjoy good conversation.

In conclusion, as university students it always feels like time is flying. There is a lot of pressure in university and walking can help to improve our moods and recentre ourselves. So this break, encourage yourself to take a walk and discover parts of Rotterdam you may not know.


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