Erasmus Recruitment board

Erasmus Recruitment board

The Erasmus Recruitment board is a full-time board which organises the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe, the Erasmus Recruitment Days, and runs the online recruitment website. During the ERD, over 2500 students and 100 companies will get in touch with each other through all sorts of formal and informal events. As the board, you will work full time from August until March to make sure the event is even more successful than previous years.

You will think about ways to keep the event  and the online website relevant and to make sure the Erasmus Recruitment remains on top as a recruitment event and platform. Companies need to be attracted, promotion material needs to be made, the website needs to be in order, the budgets need to be determined, the planning has to be done and the board must be managed.

It's up to you to make sure that students and companies interact on this platform, the more the better. Also, there will be two part-time ER commitees, the marketing and commercial team. These committees will help you on the marketing campaigns and acquisition of companies. These are things you will have to do as part of the ER board!

The board is supervised by both EFR and STAR and you will also benefit from the cultures and social activities from both study associations.

For more information regarding the Erasmus Recruitment board year, we have a brochure with all the information and we recorded an information session in which we elaborate on a ER board year.


Joining the committee

Dutch not required
Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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