Eurekaweek committee

Eurekaweek committee

The Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new first year EUR students. This week is filled with activities, stunts and parties from all student associations in Rotterdam. For EFR this is a highly important moment, since this is the perfect opportunity to get new ESE students in touch with EFR and everything EFR has to offer.

As member of the Eurekaweek committee you will be responsible for the promotion of EFR and all the activities that will be organized during this week. The program includes promotional stunts during ‘Meet the Campus’, organizing an interesting faculty program with a renowned speaker getting and much more! The Eurekaweek committee is responsible for the representation of EFR throughout the Eurekaweek and has the great challenge to promote all the things EFR has to offer to a student, such as a becoming a committee member and hand out cool EFR gadgets.

If you think you’re the right person to promote EFR to all the new students and you can handle the pressure of organizing such a big event, then you should apply for the Eurekaweek committee. 

Joining the committee

6 - 8
Dutch not required
Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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