EFR master career week

EFR master career week

The EFR master career week committee is a rather new full-time committee within EFR. This committee organises a recruitment event with two weeks of off-campus branch bootcamps. Do you want to have the incredible feeling of working towards a common goal and succeed? Do you want to develop yourself and make friends for life? Are you looking for a challenging project and do you want to organize EFR’s successful new recruitment event? Then apply now for the EFR master career week committee 2021!

The event will be entirely off-campus and consists of multiple ‘branch bootcamps’. This is a two-day event where a selected group of students visits multiple companies in a specific economic sector and gets an exclusive look into these companies’ offices. During these visits, students get the chance to experience these companies’ cultures and connect with their people on a personal level. These branch bootcamps will be a blend of formal and informal activities. Each of these branch bootcamps will also include an exclusive dinner with the participating companies, so students can find their best match. If a bootcamp takes place outside Rotterdam, an overnight stay in a hotel will also be included.

For more information, go to our recruitment brochure through this link.

The application deadline is the 7th of March 2021 at 23:59

Joining the committee

Dutch not required
Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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