EFR Board

EFR Board

Every year, 8 enthusiastic students run the association. The board is responsible for everything from running EFR on a day-to-day basis to establishing a long term strategy and managing over 26 part-time and 2 full-time committees.

Currently, the board consists of the following 8 students:

President - Florian de Groot
IT Officer & Secretary - Victor Schipper
Treasurer - Maurice van Marrewijk
Marketing Officer - Marjolein Keijzer
Project Manager General - Diederik Mosch
Project Manager Education - Sanne Kranenbarg
Project Manager Career - Dirk van den Beuken
Commercial Officer - Emiel van der Geest

If you are interesed in doing a board year, we would love to share more information about the best year of our lives! We made a brochure with a lot of information and and we recorded an information session in which we elaborate on a EFR board year. Also, we'd love to share our stories during a phone call. You can contact us at challenge@efr.nl.

The deadline for application is May 3, 2020!

Joining the committee

Dutch not required

Application for this committee is closed.

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