almanac committee

almanac committee

Do you want to gain experience in creating a book? Then join
the almanac committee.
The almanac committee is responsible for EFR’s almanac.You
will be responsible for the creation and design a yearbook
that will give your fellow committee members a great memory
of their awesome year!

As a member of the almanac committee, you will be closely
involved with all other committee members, and all of the
organised events. Besides this, you will learn to design and
think oustide of the box to create the best and most beautiful
book for your fellow committee members.
Don’t worry if you are not a great designer yet: we will make
you one by offering several design courses.

Apply online before the 9th of September, 23:59.

Joining the committee

4 - 6
Dutch not required
Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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