EFR Board

EFR Board

What will you be doing next year? Are you up for a challenge? Ready to work on your professional skillset? And still want to enjoy the perks of being a student? Join the 59th EFR board! We extended the deadline until Sunday May 1st at 23:59

You'll be in charge of an association with over 6500 members together with eight others. During the year you'll supervise 29 committees, enjoy trainings from companies such as McKinsey & Company and organise the biggest events on campus.
Being a board member at EFR will not only help develop your professional skills, it will also give you a group of friends for life. 

A short summary, during a board year at EFR you will:

  • develop yourself on a personal and professional level;
  • expand your network within EFR, at the university and with companies;
  • and you'll get to enjoy all the best things student life has to offer.

Is this something for you? Apply via the button below. You can click here for our recruitment brochure. Make sure to read it carefully, because this year we will be recruiting nine board members instead of eight! You can also send an email to challenge@efr.nl or call a board member to schedule a coffee. 

The 58th EFR Board was constituted as follows:
President: Allard Pol
IT Officer & Secretary: Rosalie Boulan
Treasurer: Tijn Hoogeveen
Marketing Officer: Heleen Koch
Project Manager General: Jesse Bijleveld
Project Manager Education: Mara Felix
Project Manager Career: Laurens van Oost
Commercial Officer: Matti Tielrooij

Joining the committee

Dutch not required
Recruitment period

Application for this committee is closed.

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