EFR Academy

In 2019, EFR implemented the EFR Academy. The EFR Academy was established to provide additional training for EFR committee members. With these trainings, committee members can invest in their human capital. Every committee gets the chance to see what kind of training suits them best. Every committee can attend general improvement trainings, which can be time-management and case trainings. However, the EFR Academy also provides specialized trainings. For example, the Commercial Team gets an acquisition and sales training by a professional.

To ensure EFR is constantly improving, there will be periodical feedback sessions. In these sessions, committee members will learn how to adequately give feedback to their peers, but also to the board. In this way, the EFR Academy ensures innovation within the organization of EFR. In short, the EFR Academy is a unique opportunity to receive training to develop yourself as a person and to learn many skills. These skills will not only be useful in your time as a student but will be valuable in your working life as well. Ideal, right?  

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