Master Study Board

EFR is recruiting several Master Study Boards, for many different fields of study. You can only apply for a MSB if you are currently (or previously were) enrolled in the Master. We are recruiting MSB’s for the following master specialisations: 

  • Behavioural Economics (SABER x EFR)
  • Urban, Port and Transport Economics
  • International Economics
  • Policy Economics
  • Data Science and Marketing Analytics
  • Strategy Economics
  • Economics of Markets and Organisations

Information booklet and session

You can find all the information about the master study boards in this information booklet. Besides, we recorded an information session. During this session will give you insights on what EFR does, what the Master Study Boards do and which boards there are. If you still have questions, do not hestitate to contact us by

Take this great opportunity and apply here!

What is a Master Study Board?

The goal of EFR is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We try to do this by offering all students of the ESE everything they might not get in their regular classroom, ranging from free summaries to large recruitment events. As you start your master, this becomes more relevant than ever, and you and your fellow students will want to orientate yourself more in-depth in the direction of your choosing.
A Master study board is a group of students from a specific master that is enthusiastic about organizing events for their fellow classmates! Through a variety of social, educational and career- related events, EFR would like to offer the students of your master everything they need to have a fun year and to prepare them for their careers. 
Master Study Boards also get more autonomy and responsibilities than a regular committee. EFR will be your base, offering you a well-known name and a large professional network to start off your year. Still, it is up to your initiative completely what you want to organise!
Finally, the year is about your personal development, be sure to challenge yourself and try new things!

What are the advantages of being active at EFR?

Naturally, you as a student can get extra-curricular experience at a wide variety of places. However, there are some distinct advantages of joining EFR.
Firstly, being one of the biggest and most professional study associations in the Netherlands, EFR has a well-known name and big commercial network. What we want you to do is find the perfect match for students of your master and approach these partner firms. This is the perfect way for you to find out more about these companies and make your first connections. 
Secondly, EFR takes its role as a learning institute very seriously. We actively encourage you to be pro-active and take the initiative. Besides, through the EFR academy EFR supports its members through trainings. 
Thirdly, as an organisation, EFR has a lot of experience with organising events. The EFR board can help you with most difficulties you might experience along the way. Besides, there is a large network of EFR alumni to contact for specific and more complicated issues, for a fun chat, or for career advise! 

Testimonial  - Hidde Schaap
Chairman Master Study Board - International & Policy economics 2019-2020

Being a board member of the Master Study Board for International and Policy Economics has been a unique and enriching experience. This new initiative by EFR to serve Master students with a broad range of events struck the perfect balance. Building on their professional reputation, extensive network and vast experience on the one hand while allowing room for creativity and new initiatives on the other, it has given rise to a series of great events this year. Ranging from educational support to career orientation to connecting students with network activities, it has been an exciting and rewarding adventure. Moreover, taking a central role in the programmes was a great way to meet many students and create lasting friendships in a heartbeat. Besides, as part of the EFR family, I felt involved in an open, diverse and lively organisation connecting committee members through fun activities, inspiring events and network opportunities. All in all, it has been a meaningful, instructive and above all unforgettable experience which I would recommend to everyone. 

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