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A regular EFR membership gives a lot of perks, but it does not come close to the benefits of a Committee Member year. Being a committee member gives you the opportunity to greatly develop yourself on a social and a professional level. You will make a lot of new friends, as you will create a tight bond with your committee, other committees and the board. You will get the chance to fully experience large events like the political debates and the EFR Business Week, while getting the chance to organise your own events! 

Committee recruitment takes place in three waves. For a full committee year, you should apply in September or June. In January, you get the chance to apply for a half year committee. 


Below, you can find a few of the many highlights that come with a year as an EFR committee member! 

committee members prom

committee members prom

helping out at EFR activities

helping out at EFR activities

having fun with your new friends

having fun with your new friends

What will you gain?

As an EFR committee member, you will gain soft skills that you are not able to learn in class, both on a professional and social level. 

  • personal

    Learning to handle stress, providing effective feedback, receiving criticism and making decisions on a tight schedule are important skills that are not easily learned during lectures. You might have had a time management training or read an article online about giving productive feedback, but it is only after you have put these tips into practice that you begin to understand the fine nuances of these soft skills.
  • social

    EFR organises a great variety of social activities each year and, as a committee member, you can participate in almost all of them. From our own introduction weekends to our committee members prom and weekend, but also our monthly social drink and other get-togethers: there is always something going on! You will form a very strong bond with your committee and all other committee members.
  • EFR board support

    As a committee member, you are not alone. The EFR Board is here to support you every step of the way. The EFR Board consists of eight senior students who are dedicating one full-time year to EFR. Every committee has one supervisor from the EFR Board who will guide you throughout the whole year. They have been in your position and are always here for you!
  • trainings

    The committee members academy is here to help you grow and develop yourself whilst keeping your future career in mind. You and your committee will receive committee-specific trainings all year round, that are always free of charge. A year at EFR will therefore enable you to set and reach all your learning goals!

more information

Would you like to have more information about a committee experience at EFR? Check out the information booklet from the last recruitment period!


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