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The Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) is officially connected to the Erasmus School of Economics. With close to 6.300 members, the association grew to one of the largest in Europe. The association organises a wide range of career-oriented, academic and social events. These events serve our mission to bridge the gap between theory and practice for students.

Professionality is one of our core values, which can be seen in the events and the degree of service to our partners. Combining that with a tight connection with Rotterdam's ambitious Economics & Business students, makes EFR an ideal organisation to collaborate with. We can bring you in contact with our students, promote vacancies and much more!

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Here you will find a selection of events that we organise that can be interesting for you. All of these events focus on fruitful contact between students and their future employers. If you wish to receive additional information, or participate in one of these events, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • EFR Master Career Week

    This November, the first edition of the EFR Master Career Week will take place. This brand-new recruitment event is created to connect the Erasmus School of Economics master students to their future employers. By organizing separate activities that are each focused on one specific branch, we aim to show each master student the job opportunities they have when they graduate. In addition to bootcamps, we will organise two International Business Trips.
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  • Erasmus Recruitment Days

    The Erasmus Recruitment Days is the largest on campus recruitment event in Europe. It is organised by EFR and partner association, STAR of the Rotterdam School of Management. Due to the enormous reach of both association and the professional committee and IT systems, over 130 companies and 2500 students participate every year. It is the ideal event for you to recruit your next intern, trainee or employee because the workshops, interviews, presentations and company dinners focus on getting to know bachelor 3 and master students.
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  • Erasmus Recruitment Platform

    The Erasmus Recruitment platform is the year long extension of the Erasmus Recruitment Days. With over 10.000 registered students, 90 companies and more than 300 job offers, this is the best platform to reach out to Rotterdam's talented students. We offer various packages that allow you to distribute your vacancies or events. The packages come with different levels of support and promotion to suit your needs. Are you part of a small or medium sized enterprise? Inquire about our special deals!
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  • research projects

    Are you looking for an innovative way to analyse your business processes and get in touch with students? Then you could organise a research project. This is an excellent way to promote your company while students do valuable consultancy work at your company. The amount of students involved varies from 15-25 students. Research projects are usually in collaborations with and fully supported by the Erasmus School of Economics in such a way that students get offered ECTS for their work. More information?
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  • Master Orientation Days

    The Master Orientation days are focused on students that are in the end of their bachelor and are looking for a master that suits them. Through a series of events, each focused on a different Erasmsus School of Economics Master degree, we help students orientate on their future. Are you looking to enthuse students for the future or an intern for a specific branch? Then partaking in the Finance day, the Policy vs. International Day, the Data Science and Marketing Analytics Day, the Port Days, or the Bachelor Accountancy Days will suit your needs.
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  • promotion possibilities

    If you want to work on employer branding, promote an application deadline or a special vacancy, you can use one of our promotional tools. Facebook Post: with over 6.300 followers, mainly economics & business students in Rotterdam, you can reach a wide audience. Direct Mailing: This service offers you the possiblity of targeted communcation. We can filter on study, studyphase, gender, age etc. Others: Banner on this website, LinkedIn post (1.400 followers), advertise in summaries and more.
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main partner opportunities

Are you looking to make the strongest connection possible with our members? Then you must consider becoming a main partner. EFR acts as a true ambassador for your company and helps you intensively in your recruitment efforts. Please contact the Commercial Officer if you are interested in hearing the possibilities. 

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