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We have noticed that the corona crisis is bringing out a lot of creativity and altruism in people, and many beautiful initiatives are arising. Below you can read about initiatives that are there to support the community.

Initiative of the week - Diergaarde Blijdorp

What is Diergaarde Blijdorp's initiative?
Due to Covid-19, it is not possible for us to visit the zoo. Diergaarde Blijdorp, the Rotterdam zoo, can't welcome guests to enjoy a day with the animals. When you buy a ticket now, which is valid for one year from the moment the park reopens, Diergaarde Blijdorp will donate one ticket to care providers and vulnerable children. For this initiative, they work together with hospitals, healthcare institutions and charities.

Why the Diergaarde Blijdorp initiative?
Even though Diergaarde Blijdorp is temporarily closed, the daily activities continue as usual: taking care of their plants and animals and nature conservation. Of course they miss their visitors, it is now very quiet. At the same time, every effort is being made at healthcare institutions and charities to get through this uncertain time as well as possible. Right now we need each other more than ever. That is why Blijdorp has come up with the 'Samen sterk' initiative.

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Initiative of the week - Studievisie

What is Studievisie?
Choosing the right study program is for prospective students one of the most import decisions regarding their future. Sadly, due to the coronavirus there are no more open days available which has made it a lot more difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, Studievisie has started a platform to help prospective students discover the ins-and-outs of their study of interest so that it can be a well founded choice!

Why the Studievisie initiative?
Students can be considered a highly dynamic group of people and Studievisie has seen many beautiful initiatives pop-up during these difficult times. By informing prospective students about our personal study experiences we can help them make the right study choice and make sure they kick-start their study careers full of confidence.

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Initiative of the week - Markt010

What is Markt010?
Markt010 is a local platform that reconnects inhabitants of Rotterdam with the market in a safe manner during the corona crisis. Fresh market products are for sale again at fair market prices via a simple online platform and a drive through.

By whom?
Jorrit de Vries, Jort van Dalen and Quinten Mulder are three friends from Rotterdam who set up Markt010 to support the people of Rotterdam who benefit from the market. “We want to keep the market in Rotterdam alive. The market is the beating heart of this city. With Markt010 we let this heart beat again at the time of the corona crisis.”

Why the Markt010 initiative?
Firstly, so that the Rotterdam market - in an alternative, safe form - remains alive, and inhabitants of Rotterdam can continue to enjoy fresh products at fair market prices. Second, to support market vendors. In this way, fresh market products are available again because the market and the people of Rotterdam can find each other in a safe way.

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