Assessment trainings

What is Hellotest?
Hellotest is the place where you can prepare for your online assessments. With trainings made to fit your exact needs based on the company you are applying for.

How can Hellotest help you?
Our specialists developed special trainings for the big assessment bureaus, these trainings are made to fit the tests you will have to do when you are applying for a job at a company. Every assessment bureau has a different way to test you, and thus it is very important for you to find out which bureau the company uses to do their testing. Hellotest has an overview of over 200 companies, the testing bureaus they use and the skills they test. Using this list you can decide which trainings you want to buy and make sure you will show the company your true potential.

How to access?
You can access the Hellotest assessment trainings at Create an account and you will be practicing your way to success in no time!

EFR benefits
As an EFR member you will receive certain benefits. These benefits include a free introduction package, discounts on the assessment bureaus packages and an even bigger discount on the complete package which includes all the content Hellotest has to offer.

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